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Sync (excerpt), 45 sec (2009)

In the audiovisual composition "Sync", electronic sounds and abstract, computer-animated graphics dance together in absolute synchronicity. Sync is a study in synchronous design – an experimental reconnaissance into the uncharted terrain between music and visual art.

In Sync, sounds and images work together – not side by side. Its audio and video parts form one unified structure – a whole. This whole is something different than the sum of its parts. Sync was composed according to the principle that every sonic object in the sound track should have a synchronous, visual counterpart of equal complexity in the image track (or vice versa).

The shapes and timbres used are very straightforward and clear – there's virtually no effects or filters applied to them. Sync may perhaps strike you as looking (and sounding) a little raw and flat. It was a conscious decision to make it this way; the reason was that I didn't want anything to divert attention from the focus of the work, namely the synchronization of sound and image.


Sync, 9 mins (2009)

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Sync DVD
Sync DVD

The "Sync DVD" is available in an edition of 500. If you're interested in a copy – please drop me a mail. The price is 100 SEK/€10/$12 + shipping costs. I will ship worldwide (but please note that this is a PAL DVD, not NTSC).

DVD info:

Title: Sync
Edition: 500
Package: Cardboard Sleeve
Format: PAL
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
DVD Region: All
Running Time: 9 mins

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Stills from Sync
Sync Image 001 Sync Image 002 Sync Image 003 Sync Image 004 Sync Image 005 Sync Image 006 Sync Image 007 Sync Image 008 Sync Image 009 Sync Image 010 Sync Image 011 Sync Image 012

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Sync Manifest
Sync Manifesto (2010)

The "Sync Manifesto" is – rather obviously – a manifesto of "sync". So what is sync? Sync is an art form that focuses on the synthesis and synchronization of sonic and graphic elements. The manifesto (which is written in Swedish) defines and outlines this audiovisual art form.

A "sync-designer" is a computer artist that uses abstract graphics and electronic sounds in a complementary fashion to create digital and synchronous artworks. A sync-designer combines the previously separate fields of animation, electronic music and computer programming into a new creative field called "sync-design".

We call a piece of sync-design a "sync-object". Sync-objects are the artifacts of sync. Sync-objects come in many varieties. In the same way as there are different styles of music – there are different styles of sync.

With the help of modern computer software an artist can synchronize sounds and graphics in billions of interesting ways. We have just scratched the surface of this new art form. The possibilities are endless!

Read the Sync Manifesto here:
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