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3-Step @ Voltfestivalen 2011

3 players dance together—but also by themselves. Creating beats and motion graphics with their feet. Body movements are transformed into shapes and sounds. Use your feet, your eyes, your ears, and most of all your imagination. 3-step will control your body and your body will control 3-step. The installation allows 3 players to control music and graphics by stepping on dance pads on the floor. The goal is simply to create something groovy, exiting and beautiful. Are you ready to 3-step? Created, designed and composed by Dan Spegel and Håkan Lidbo.

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Installation views (Voltfestivalen 2011)
3-Step @ Voltfestivalen, 2011, Image 001 3-Step graphics 3-Step @ Voltfestivalen, 2011, Image 002